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The former student-athletes of the University of North Texas, appreciative of the educational enrichment brought to our lives, grateful for the privilege of participating in intercollegiate athletics, and committed to the development of mind and body, constitute ourselves as the University of North Texas Athletic Letterwinners Association (NTLA).



SECTION I – The NTLA is established to organize former athletes of the University of North Texas to accomplish the following:

SECTION II – The NTLA will assist the UNT Athletic Department with the following:



SECTION I – Any UNT student who earns a letter in an intercollegiate sport is eligible for membership in the NTLA upon completion of their intercollegiate eligibility.

SECTION II – The first year after completion of eligibility is free. Thereafter, members must pay annual dues to be active members. Amount of dues will be determined by the Board of Directors and agreed upon by the athletic department. Membership renewal will be sent out each summer.

SECTION III – There are three classifications of membership: Active, Honorary, and Inactive; and there are five types of Active membership:

Active Memberships

Honorary Memberships

Inactive Memberships



SECTION I – There shall be a Board of Directors composed of the following:

SECTION II – The Board is the governing body of the NTLA. The Board will have supervision, control, and direction of the affairs of the NTLA, its committees, and publications; and will determine policies and actively pursue its objectives. The Board is vested with power to make rules for its governance which are not in conflict with the provisions of this constitution; determine the number that shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business; and delegate to committees the power to act on such matters in coordination with the Board.

SECTION III – Voting rights of Board members cannot be delegated to another or exercised by proxy. Members must be present to vote.

SECTION IV – All funds tied to annual dues will deposited and processed through the Athletic Department. Any gifts made above and beyond the membership dues will be given credit through the Mean Green Club priority-points system and will be eligible for associated benefits. Any such funds shall be delivered to the UNT Athletic Department for deposit and gift processing through the University procedures. The Secretary will report annually to the NTLA on the amount and disposition of any such funds.

SECTION V – Any Board member that misses two consecutive meetings unexcused by the President may be subject to removal.



SECTION I –The NTLA’s officers are:

SECTION II – Officers will take office at the beginning of the calendar year and will serve a term as defined in Article IV, Section 1, unless a vacancy occurs (see Article V, Section 3). No member, Board member, or officer shall receive any compensation for service rendered to the NTLA.



SECTION I – ELECTIONS: The president-elect, vice president, secretary, and remaining directors shall be elected by vote of qualified members at the annual meeting.

SECTION II – NOMINATIONS: The nominating committee shall prepare and submit to the Board a list of nominees for the office of vice president, secretary, and remaining board members. All candidates must give consent prior to be nominated.

SECTION III – VACANCIES: will be filled by a vote of the Board for the remaining term of the position vacated.



SECTION I – PRESIDENT – the president is the NTLA’s chief executive officer and chairperson of the board and executive committee. The president shall also serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and shall make all required appointments of standing and special committees to include chairperson. The president shall preside at all NTLA and Board meetings. In the event of the president’s absence, the president-elect shall serve in the president’s place. At the annual meeting and at such other times as deemed proper, the president shall communicate to the members such matters and make such suggestions to promote the welfare and increase the usefulness of the NTLA. The president shall perform such other duties as necessary incident to the office.

SECTION II – PRESIDENT-ELECT – assist the president in the administration of the NTLA, coordinate with the UNT Athletic Department’s representatives regarding the operation of the NTLA’s tent for home games, and inform newly-elected officers and directors of procedures.

SECTION III – VICE PRESIDENT – responsible for special committees and performing duties designated by the president or the Board, and will perform the duties of president-elect in the event that the president is unable to serve.

SECTION IV – SECRETARY - responsible for taking the minutes at each board meeting and working with the athletic department’s appointed coordinator to distribute those to the Board. Will also present the minutes at each meeting, along with other updates in coordination with the other officers of the Board. The secretary will serve as the chairperson for the membership committee.

SECTION V – IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT – will serve as chairperson of the nominating committee and will perform duties delegated by the president.

SECTION VI - ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR – the liaison between the Athletic Department and the NTLA as appointed by the director of athletics shall oversee the recording of minutes of meetings of the NTLA, its committees, and the Board, and shall ensure that accurate records are kept of all members and transactions of the executive committee. The coordinator shall see that all notices, including the NTLA website (, are in accordance with the constitution. The coordinator shall work with all committees to insure successful completion of responsibilities.



SECTION I – COMPOSITION - the president, president-elect, first vice president, secretary, administrative coordinator (non-voting), and athletic director or designee (non-voting).

SECTION II – AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY – may act in place of the Board between meetings on all matters except those specifically reserved to the Board by the constitution. The executive committee shall prepare and present to the Board a recommended annual operating budget to be approved by the CFO of the UNT Athletic Department.



SECTION I – An annual meeting of the NTLA will be held each year on a date determined by the Board (such as homecoming or near the time of the Hall of Fame induction). Notice of the annual meeting, nominating committee’s recommendations for office, and proposed constitutional amendments must be posted on Association’s website thirty days in advance of the meeting. Any such amendments must be delivered to the website’s webmaster at least seven days prior to the thirty-day deadline.

SECTION II – The annual meeting’s agenda includes, but is not limited to, the president’s report, financial report, any committee report necessary and informative to the NTLA, and an open forum with the Board and the members.

SECTION III – AGENDA – No new matter may be taken up by the Association at its annual meeting which is either not shown on the agenda or not approved by a majority of the Board. However, new matters not on the agenda may be taken up if written notice of the new matter has been given to the president by NTLA members at least seven days prior to the annual meeting.

SECTION IV – The NTLA shall hold such other meetings as called by the president or in writing to the administrative coordinator and active members. Such meetings shall be limited to the stated written agenda.

SECTION V – Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall govern all debate and discussions from the floor at all meetings provided Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, does not conflict with any rule adopted by the NTLA.



SECTION I – all committees and chairmen shall be appointed by the president, unless otherwise provided by the constitution.

SECTION II – there shall be standing committees as follows:



Inductee Selection


Inductee Selection


Inductee Selection



Amendments to any section or article of the constitution may be recommended to the director of athletics or his designee at any annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of active members present, provided that notice of such proposed amendment and reasons for the amendment have been submitted to the Board.

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